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Detached, fully furnished house for sale in sught-after estate in the heart of Craughwell village. ...

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Craughwell Area Description

Craughwell (Irish: Creachmhaoil) is a village in County Galway, Ireland. Also used as a surname, properly Creachmhaoil, though often Anglicised as Craughwell, and Crockwell. The surname was largely unknown outside of the South-East of County Galway until the end of the 19th Century when emigres established families which still thrive in Newfoundland, Bermuda, Cornwall, Ohio and Berkshire County, Massachusetts, among other places. Notable bearers of the name include American painter Douglass Crockwell. The name is composed of two Gaelic words. Creach, is related to craig, and creag, and the English word crag, and refers to rock (with which word it rhymes), or the bare rock crest of a hill. A maol is a round-shaped hill or mountain, bare of trees. It is Anglicised as 'mull', and is common in Irish and Scottish place names such as the Mull of Kintyre. Gaelic spelling rules reuire that maol, following creach, be lenited; that is, an h is inserted after the first letter, if the first letter is a consonant (and not an l, n, or r). This h makes the preceding consonant silent, or changes its sound (mh, or bh, for instance, are silent or sound like an English v). Gaelic spelling rules also require that, with the first letter lenited, the last vowel should be slender (an i, or an e). As both vowels in maol are broad, an i is inserted after. These two changes alter the sound of maol (rhymes with mull) to mhaoil (rhymes with uell, or well). The sound of the two word together, therefore, sounds to an English ear like Crockwell, or Craughwell, and it is Anglicised thus (the Gaelic personal names Sen (John) and Seamus (James) became Iain and Hamish in Scotland by similar means). The village of Creachmhaoil celebrates its connection with the Gaelic poet Anthony Raferty. Craughwell has a thriving athletics club, with over 200 juvenile and senior athletes participaring at local, regional and national level and some outstanding athletes such as Ann Loughnane and Cathriona Farrell representing Ireland at international events. [Source : Wikipedia.org]

Craughwell House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2020-12-02 Riverville, Craughwell, Co Galway € 129000
2020-11-24 16 Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell, Co Galway € 350396
2020-11-19 34 Sli Ui Mhaolisa, Craughwell € 239839
2020-11-18 35 Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell € 254626
2020-10-23 Eochaill, Crinnage, Craughwell € 440000
2020-10-18 Ganty Craughwell, Craughwell, Galway € 475000
2020-10-02 Cartron, Craughwell, Galway € 240000
2020-09-21 18 Sl Mhaoilosa, Craughwell € 232599
2020-09-17 Roo, Craughwell, Galway € 130000
2020-09-09 Creggaun, Craughwell, Co. Galway € 467000
2020-08-27 17 Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell, Co Galway € 236123
2020-07-31 27 Gleanntan Na Habhann, Craughwell € 222026
2020-07-27 28 Gleanntan Na Habhann, Craughwell, Co Galway € 229075
2020-07-23 19 Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell € 236125
2020-07-16 S Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell, Co Galway. € 201762
2020-07-06 12 Gleanntan Na Habhann, Craughwell € 229075
2020-06-18 Main St, Craughwell, Galway € 87500
2020-05-11 Coldwood, Craughwell, County Galway € 122000
2020-05-06 Ballymanagh, Craughwell € 339207
2020-04-21 Carranthomas, Craughwell, Galway € 370000
2020-04-17 Gleanntan Na Habhann, Craughwell € 288105
2020-03-27 24 Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell, Co. Galway € 232599
2020-03-25 St Clearns, Craughwell, Galway € 400000
2020-03-21 No 1 Bungalow Sli Ui Mhaoiliosa, Craughwell, Co Galway € 201761
2020-03-19 7 Blackberry Way, Craughwell, Galway € 210000
2020-03-12 11 Gleanntan Na Habhainn, Craughwell € 242291
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